Top Golf Clubs in Edmonton

Are you a golf lover? Golf is such a wonderful sport because it takes precision and timing in order to hit the mark and you can have a perfect game or a really bad one! If you live in the Edmonton area you are sure to want to find the top golf clubs so that you can enjoy a round or two! So, which golf clubs should you choose? Read on to find just a few of the top golf clubs in Edmonton today.

The Sandpiper Golf and Country Club

With a massive golf course, the Sandpiper golf and Country Club remains one of the top options in Edmonton today! Here, you can play across eighteen holes and with over six thousand yards of space golfers will be able to improve their game. The golfing season begins in mid April and finishes in mid October so you have a few good months to get in some practice. The greens are good and while it’s costly it’s also one of the very best available so you are sure to love what you see.

The Raven Crest Golf and Country Club

This is a lovely golf club. The Raven Crest golf and country Club will take your breath away and it truly offers so much for so little. You have eighteen holes to play across with a massive outdoor space which will help when you’re trying to get some additional practice. You have a lovely semi-private golf club here so you have a lot of space to work with. However, it does offer so much for all golfers. This is a good course for all golfers whether they are beginners or experts.View full details here!

The Goose Hummock Golf Resort

golfThe Goose Hummock Golf Resort and club is truly one of the very best within Edmonton today. You have a really interesting and exciting golf course and it does offer so much. Only built in 1989, the Goose Hummock golf resort is beautiful and you have beautiful greens and fairways to enjoy. Any golfer will adore this course and will find they are able to enjoy the club setting. The large lake is great because it really challenges you to become a better golfer and avoid the water! Once it goes in you’ll never see the ball again. The greens are good though and it’s a very attractive club to play at.

The Northern Bear Golf Club

For those who want a beautiful golf course, the Northern Bear Golf club is the ideal solution for you. This is semi-private so that’s great and it’s a relatively new course built only in 2002 by the ever great Jack Nicklaus. From May to October, the golf season is long and prosperous.Read post from

Find The Ideal Golf Course For You!

Golf lovers will adore the idea of visiting a golf club. You can have a lot of fun and meet fellow golf fans! There has never been a better time to visit a golf club and become a member. If you’re someone who loves to golf you are sure to love these golf clubs. Why not take a look and see which you find most appealing.…