Top Golf Clubs in Edmonton

Are you a golf lover? Golf is such a wonderful sport because it takes precision and timing in order to hit the mark and you can have a perfect game or a really bad one! If you live in the Edmonton area you are sure to want to find the top golf clubs so that you can enjoy a round or two! So, which golf clubs should you choose? Read on to find just a few of the top golf clubs in Edmonton today.

The Sandpiper Golf and Country Club

With a massive golf course, the Sandpiper golf and Country Club remains one of the top options in Edmonton today! Here, you can play across eighteen holes and with over six thousand yards of space golfers will be able to improve their game. The golfing season begins in mid April and finishes in mid October so you have a few good months to get in some practice. The greens are good and while it’s costly it’s also one of the very best available so you are sure to love what you see.

The Raven Crest Golf and Country Club

This is a lovely golf club. The Raven Crest golf and country Club will take your breath away and it truly offers so much for so little. You have eighteen holes to play across with a massive outdoor space which will help when you’re trying to get some additional practice. You have a lovely semi-private golf club here so you have a lot of space to work with. However, it does offer so much for all golfers. This is a good course for all golfers whether they are beginners or experts.View full details here!

The Goose Hummock Golf Resort

golfThe Goose Hummock Golf Resort and club is truly one of the very best within Edmonton today. You have a really interesting and exciting golf course and it does offer so much. Only built in 1989, the Goose Hummock golf resort is beautiful and you have beautiful greens and fairways to enjoy. Any golfer will adore this course and will find they are able to enjoy the club setting. The large lake is great because it really challenges you to become a better golfer and avoid the water! Once it goes in you’ll never see the ball again. The greens are good though and it’s a very attractive club to play at.

The Northern Bear Golf Club

For those who want a beautiful golf course, the Northern Bear Golf club is the ideal solution for you. This is semi-private so that’s great and it’s a relatively new course built only in 2002 by the ever great Jack Nicklaus. From May to October, the golf season is long and prosperous.Read post from

Find The Ideal Golf Course For You!

Golf lovers will adore the idea of visiting a golf club. You can have a lot of fun and meet fellow golf fans! There has never been a better time to visit a golf club and become a member. If you’re someone who loves to golf you are sure to love these golf clubs. Why not take a look and see which you find most appealing.…

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Pack Your Clubs

Pack your clubs and get ready for your golfing holiday! Golf lovers absolutely adore the idea, the concept, of choosing a golfing holiday and it’s not hard to see why. When you arrive at a golf resort you can be two minutes away from the action and it means you barely have to leave the hotel to find a game of golf! Who wouldn’t love this? It’s the ideal solution for golf lovers everywhere!

Should You Think About A Golfing Holiday?

To be honest, if you love golf and want to spend your time golfing then there is nothing better than a golfing holiday! Really, you are not going to find anything better than a golfing holiday and it does make sense to choose a destination close to a famed golf course. It is not only going to make the holiday a little more special but appealing. You do not have to go far to enjoy the golf and you can really enjoy your time spent away from home. Golf lovers will pack their clubs and head to the closest golf course they can find. You cannot blame them, golf is a very popular sport and for good reason.

Where Are The Best Destinations For Golf?

There are many great destinations to consider. America has some amazing golf courses, so too does Canada and of course Scotland. St Andrews remains probably the firm favorite for most golfers today since it’s one of the biggest and famed courses. However, this is only one option, there are many more to consider. It’s great as to how many amazing golf courses there are out there and the best thing about them is that they are easily accessible and offer some great golfing experiences too. Anyone can enjoy golf and you will see how amazing it can be too.Click this site for more tips.

Make It a Combo Holiday

golf courseWhen you’re planning a family vacation, it can be very hard to do the things you want to but you need to compromise. If you want to golf you need to ensure you also do things your family wants to do too. For example, you could spend the first few days exploring the local area, visiting all the local sights and then spend one day doing something your children or wife loves before spending a day golfing! Pack your clubs and never forget to be a little more compromising so that everyone is happy and you get a round of golf in. a combination holiday is great because you can ensure everything does something they like and that everyone is happy. Even if you’re going on a business trip, you still should be able to get in a round of golf!

Embrace Golf

Some may not be entirely convinced golfing holidays are for them and yet they can be fun and extremely exciting. You don’t necessarily have to be good at golf or even half decent, you can just have a passion for it. There is no better time to go on a golfing holiday and enjoy all it has to offer! Why not pack your clubs and visit an amazing golf resort today?…

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Country Clubs in Alberta

Thousands of men and women look at joining country clubs in Alberta each and every year. Will a country club really suit you? Despite what you might think, country clubs offer some wonderful benefits and it’s good to be a part of the community. You can actually embrace the idea of becoming a member of the country club because it’s a special thing. What is more, you can feel as though you’re making a contribution to the organization throughout the year. However, what about finding the ideal match for you?

How to Find the Best Country Club in Alberta?

First and foremost, you must consider the location. Yes, you may want a country club in Alberta but which part? If you live in one area, you might not be happy traveling too far for the club. Your best bet would be to start with a basic internet search. This should throw up a number of potential suitors and they can actually offer you some benefits too. However, it might be a better solution to look at each club separately and find out what they offer in terms of membership and costs. Also, you might want to find out if there are any events coming up or annual charitable events too.Get some information here!

Men Only?

Now, there may be one or two country clubs in Alberta and indeed the world that have a strict no-women policy. You wouldn’t think in this modern world there would be bans for women in country clubs but some actually have these. It’s important if you are a female to ensure you check out the clubs policy on women members. It’s a crazy thing to do but it’ll avoid wasting your time.

What Sort of Membership Can You Expect and What about Costs?

golf clubsYou need to think about the type of memberships on offer and what you want. There are some country clubs that do not offer full memberships for newcomers until a certain grace period is up and others that offer full access membership. The type of membership comes down to you and what you feel is right. If you feel as though a part-time membership just isn’t for you, you can look elsewhere. Also, you need to enquire as to the costs for the country club. You might not be happy to pay a great deal for your membership so enquire as to this and ensure it’s suitable for your financial situation.Visit more information at

Love Your New Country Club

When you find the right country club in Alberta you will feel at ease and as though you’ve always belonged. It might seem a little strange to a lot of people to say that the country club you choose will make all the difference but it can. When you have a good club you can feel a part of the history and can enjoy your time there and all the activities and responsibilities that come with it too. There has never been a better time to join a country club and there are lots of amazing ones in Alberta too.…